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Each study program has its goal. Who set this goal? Of course its you! One need the language for rest abroad, the other one has to communicate at work with English-speaking chief or business partners. Some need the language not to get lost in an unknown city or not to feel ill at ease in a hotel, restaurant, shop etc. For others it is important to write an annual report in English, to do a presentation of goods, to take part in a scientific conference.

The purpose of senior pupils is to pass exams well and enter a high educational establishment. They know that
To set a goal in the right way its already a half of the success.

The program package offered by D'elite School, is targeted on the complete cycle of study from - zero to the confident language comand.

The block of basic programs enables to learn the language for the shortest period (from 4 to 8 months) to the upper intermediate level. The unique method guarantees that your speech will be accurate understandable and modern.

List of the programs:

1. Program "from zero"

(186 academic hours, five months, three times a week) for those who has never studied English.

2. The program for "beginners"

(154 academic hours, four months and a half, three times a week) for those, who studied the language, but has only elementary knowledge.

Success for the shortest period of time this is the motto of this program! In D'elite School you study to perceive the language just like it works in consciousness of a native speaker, and you at once construst phrases as a real Englishman.

3. The program for those who continue studying English

(140 academic hours, 3,5-5 months, three times a week) for those who has already studied the language but the knowledge remained superficial and chaotic.

Have confidence in yourself it is the motto of this program. The main purpose is to overcome a linguistic barrier which was formed for years of language study at school and in an institute. Speaking practice in the form of games (up to 60% of lesson time) makes study dynamic, interesting and productive.

4. Educational year of a schoolboy/schoolgirl

(140-154 academic hours, two times a week) - it is the special program for senior pupils. We will help to prepare to examinations, systematize the acquired knowledge and learn speaking skills.

5. Preparation to outer independent evaluation

(154 academic hours, - classes after school lessons) according to the demands of the secondary school; will help to enter higher educational institutions. The program of the course include the typical tasks recommended by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine. As additional material the textbooks compiled by the scientific department of Delite School are used.

The program gives a possibility to master the English grammar ( the explanations are simple and understandable), to enlarge the vocabulary (learning of the words with help of the cards), to learn how to do typical test tasks.

6. Speaking course

Any of three basic programs is completed with speaking course (60 academic hours, two months). It is the intensive speaking training, practicing of communication in different everyday situations. At the lesson the language is only English.

7. Business-course with the psychological training elements

(100 academic hours, three months, three times a week) - it is exceptionally speaking course which gives you the opportunity not only to increase your lexical supply and acquire good speaking skills but also will help you to master the art of effective comunication both in business and in everyday life.

8. Narrow specialization

(Individual approach) - English for those who need the special vocabulary and speaking skills in a certain branch of business or public life (jurisprudence, military business, psychology, medicine, finances, banking etc).

9. Individual studies and studies in mini groups

According to individual study D'elite School offers wide possibilities of program combinations. Terms, place and time of study depend exceptionally on Your desires and needs. Coming of teachers to Your office or home is possible.

10. Corporate study

Study according to any comfortable scheme. You dont have time to arrive at D'elite School? then D'elite School will arrive to you.

11. Extra-mural study

Now you can study English with the most effective and modern methods in any point of the country, not going out of your house.

The low cost of this form of study makes it available for everybody.

During the extra-mural course you will pass four stages of study. Every stage ends with the test which will confirm quality of the obtained knowledge. You will master grammatical basis of English, reading, listening, writing skill and also more, than two thousand English words. Examination test will become the significant proof of Your success.



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