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D'elite School gave up studing English grammar by learning rules by heart.

Logical mechanisms which we hand in to a listener make him feel comfortable in every life situation. The method of D'elite School presents grammar in the way it works in the consciousness of a native speaker:

  • without rules (our brain does not operate rules);
  • simply (our consciousness executes the great number of operations for a second);
  • universally (a native speaker has the same associative structure as we).

The complete mastering of grammar is guaranteed by the method itself on which the work of our School is based.

All grammar of English is given as a clear logical system the elements of which are logically interdependent and psychologically explained.

For example, one of the most difficult theme of English is tenses..

In D'elite School all 26 English tenses are given simultaneously as a system without extending their explanation to different levels.

So listeners at once understand the most important in what situation he should use this or that tense and why he need to choose it. This understanding gives you a possibility to express your opinions in English and, at the same time, you always know how to speak correctly in each situation.

The grammar, mastered in D'elite School, enables you to build the talk correctly and you are not trying to remember this or that rule, you can choose the proper grammatical instrument and easily understand an interlocutor.

One of the main component of English study is mastering of vocabulary.

How to have the necessary lexical supply if a modern person has no time to read the dictionary and learn the endless tables with words? In D'elite School you will be helped, because we know when new words begin to evaporate. And before it happens to you our teachers will offer the game, which include the words learnt at the previous lessons.

For better mastering of vocabulary our scientific department developed the highly effective technology of the direct associating.

The meaning of a word becomes clear for you from the context of the phrases specially built for this purpose. A translation here plays the second role it helps you only to check how correctly you have understood the meaning. Practice proves: in such a way a word is memorized with the direct association with the concept marked by it, without mediator.

The important is the fact that in the process of guessing the effectiveness of your memory increases by three times.

For the best memorizing of vocabulary a specially developed Calendar of memory is used.

You repeat the vocabulary at certain intervals according to this Calendar  and it helps to memorize all words.

The listening course which complements Lexicon will help you to develop the skills of pronouncing English words.

Specially developed lexical cards will also give you the strong and long lasting word supply, with correct and accurate usage.

And at lessons you will actively use this vocabulary in speaking practice.

All of us know that without speaking practice it is impossible to learn to talk quickly, to understand the language of our interlocutor and to appropriately react to it, and also to consolidate the grammatical and lexical material in memory.

Speaking practice is the only method to overcome a linguistic barrier. In D'elite School psychological mechanisms are put in basis of speaking practice.

The speaking practice method is thoroughly developed by the specialists of D'elite School and it supports all the grammatical and lexical material.

Various interesting exercises and exciting games provoke listeners on conscious use of the explored grammatical forms. Games and exercises are conducted either in pairs or in mini groups, or in the whole group.That is why every minute during the speaking part of a lesson a listener either talks or reacts to the language of the interlocutors.

In our School there are no situations when one talks and the other are bored.

So talk and think English!




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