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Welcome to �D'elite School�



Rognidenska str., 3, office 8
tel.: (044) 228-63-63

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Horodotska str., 8, office 409
tel.: (032) 247-05-50;
       (097) 06-40-210;
       (099) 64-65-310.
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Marksa avenue, 60, office 70
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Kryvyi Rig

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Taking into consideration Ukraine�s entering to European integration, revival of international contacts of the domestic business on the whole it is impossible to attain success without such generally recognized communication instrument as the English language.

The system of the English language schools �D'elite School� has been successfully working at the market for 16 years.

�D'elite School� is not just an educational establishment. It, above all things, the scientific center, where on the base of scientific researches in the branch of fundamental science the newest technologies of English study are developed. Learning of the vocabulary has scientific basis; conversational practice is improved through interesting games, including psychological ones.

We teach English quickly,
fundamentally and forever!

We suggest not to learn by heart, but to think and analyse. After finishing the course our listener does not lose the acquired knowledges and skills.

The course of English is very intensive.
Every listener masters:

  • complete course of English grammar (level of High-Interm�diate);
  • about two thousand lexemes with skills of pronunciation and spelling;
  • conversational practice on the basis of all grammatical material.

And all that is only for 140-154 academic hours! Without the multilevel system which requires from you not less than two years!

The peculiarity of the method consists in the following: regardless of the starting level, a listener maximally quickly and conveniently masters English within the framework of one course only for 4-5 months. And there is no need to move to another level!

Logic and common sense is set as principle of understanding and practical mastering of the English speaking structure. Everything that is possible is explained on this basis. Grammatical material is studied by blocks, consistently from simple to difficult and as the result it is built as orderly system.

Every regularity in the speech construction (essence of the articles and their usage, basical principles in the verb usage etc) is regarded comprehensively and functionally. The creators of the course were aimed at the balanced coverage of all four components of linguistic development: speaking, listening, reading, writing.

The method is targeted at the widest audience. The range of tasks enables to conduct lessons with  people of different age (from 13 to respectable years), who have various interests and aims in the study of language.

Every listener of �D'elite School�, who has attended the couse with the program
of 4-5 months:

  • is able to speak English correctly;
  • understands an English-language interlocutor;
  • knows all the basis of English grammar;
  • can independently  control the accuracy of his language;
  • reads and writes in English;
  • is able to use knowledge of the language in everyday life, in different situations.

�D'elite School� � is the completed course with the set of textbooks and manuals, prepared by our scientific center.

Every listener of the English course is provided with the unique educational complete set.

�D'elite School� is a correct choice!




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